5 Tips on Building Self Confidence

By RoseAllure Louis
In Basic Senses
May 29th, 2011

To reach your goals in life, you must have self esteem. You can’t realize success if you’re unsure of yourself or even your decisions. You have to make a strong effort to do away with the natural fear in each person. Have trust in yourself and learn to be aware of the good side of people and give compliment when necessary.

It’s true that we do not all possess self confidence from birth, but there are many ways to gain it. There are lots of issues that could count against self confidence, visible among them is environment and inheritance.

The following tips can help in building self confidence

1. Re-evaluate yourself and check out the areas that really need improvement in Self Confidence

Never believe that you’re not important because “As a man thinketh, so is He”. You must not have inferiority complex, because if you did, people will treat you precisely the same.

2. Make time to watch how others carry themselves and take note of how self confident they behave

Decide for yourself a role model and make reference to them as you plan to acquire the same confidence as they have. Do not just observe, apply it for yourself. If you are determined to have the same self confidence as your role model, you must practice what they do. Adding it into your practice is the best move to make.

3. You must have self control. Do those things you must do and avoid those you must not do

This may take some time but with loads of patience they are simply achievable. Whenever you can control your thoughts and actions, you are opening your doors for opportunity. Act with a purpose, because a purposeful action is vital for your success. If you did this you’ll be demonstrating your potential to control things around you. These are the qualities and characteristics of a leader and gateway to fun and success.

4. Make the habit of expressing your thoughts in front of people

Make a strong effort to do away with fear from your life. Put into practice, rehearse and apply. You could start by reading in front of a mirror and see your own personal action. Read in front of friends and family as your audience and allow comments from them. Those comments will help you develop yourself.

5. Make sure you develop your techniques and work hard on your weaknesses

Turn your weaknesses into strength. Never throw in the towel in the face of conflicts and obstacles; many times they’re just there to prepare you for greater height. Compliment others and acknowledge their good characteristics and you will receive the same from them.