Eliminate Unimportant Things

By RoseAllure Louis
In Basic Senses
Jun 7th, 2011

A major step to simplify our lives is to eliminate the unimportant and the useless from our lives. The positive result: It remains more time for the essential things in life! And that’s good, because these are most often the things that are fun and do us good.

If you find this “mental cleanup” difficult at first sight, start by creating a list of your most important goals and issues. Answer yourself the question, which of them really give you satisfaction and which are so important, that you would give them up very reluctantly. Ask yourself also, what things and topics you could delete light-hearted from your life, without really missing them.

After having completed this exercise, start to arrange your life as much as possible exactly according to these priorities. Abandon the irrelevant issues from your life – one by one. In the future be more critical and honest with yourself and pay attention that all these dispensable things don’t accumulate again in your life.