Conscious Downshifting

By RoseAllure Louis
In Basic Senses
Jun 7th, 2011
[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] D [/dropcap]id you know downshifting is a philosophy of life which intends to make life easier through simplification and reduction? Hidden behind this is the human desire for simple and clear structures and the wish for relief from ballast that is inhibiting.

Start the simplification in some particular areas of your life and don’t demand too much of yourself. To do this, ask yourself very self-critically, what do you really need in your life. Do you really need two TVs, two cars, or 20 pairs of shoes? Are your various acquaintances really valuable? Wouldn’t it perhaps be better to focus on less, but really good friendships, for which you would have then more time available? Do you really need the remunerative 14-hour job that takes you to the limit of your capacity? Wouldn’t a job with a slightly lower income, but more satisfaction and more time for family, recreation and hobbies, be better?

You should pursue these questions as honestly and consistently as possible. Please note: Downshifting only works as conscious decision and with a consistent implementation in everyday life. It is worthwhile to try this. – In this particular case, less can be often much more.