Steps to Maintain Our Motivation to Lose Weight

By RoseAllure Louis
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Dec 3rd, 2012


7 Steps to Maintain Our Motivation to Lose Weight


Motivation to Lose Weight


Being overweight would be a big problem for most of us. In fact, most people fail on weight loss programs because of their lack of motivation to lose weight. We obviously can not reach our desired goal only by exercising without the maintain of our motivation.  To make sure that we can achieve our goal we can do several things below to find motivation:


Setting our goal


The first thing to do when you are planning to do a weight loss program is setting up goals that will be your key motivation to lose weight. No matter what kind of results you plan, whether it is for being healthier, prettier, sexier, etc. you have to keep in mind that the results depends on you, highly depends on your motivation to lose weight.


Imagine the results


Thinking about what you may get when you succeed while doing the weight loss program is one of the best motivations to lose weight. Make a simple example such as how people will admire your look, better level of health or wider choices to wear your new clothes size.


Try to focus on your goal


Doing nothing usually makes us spend most of our time by snacking. To avoid this, you can start to focus on doing your favorite hobby and other passionate activities like fitness to help us stay focus.




Try searching for information when maintaining your motivation to lose weight. Read up on information on how to deal with the difficulties, and how to obey the rules in your doubting moments, and what you have to do in your hardest times.


Get use to new foods and stick to the program


Trying something new and stepping outside of our daily food habit is a difficult thing to do. But, you have to get used to it. There are a lot of delicious foods that are good for diet such as yoghurt, wheat bread, dried fruit, etc. Throw away the fears because it deters your motivation to lose weight. Try new foods out for 2 straight weeks and you’ll get used to the taste.


Influence yourself it’s worth it!


Tell yourself how better you will feel when you get to the size you’re targeting.


Find companion


Having someone that can help you stay motivated and face any problems through dieting is great. You can get enough support and a lot of knowledge around success and failure on dieting program. It is like an endless supply of motivation to lose weight.


Avoid any trigger routine that may disturb our motivation to lose weight


Stay away from any friend or family member that potentially resulting bad life style. Stop snacking habits and consuming junk food

Just try to do all of suggested step above to reach your goal in losing weight. Just be sure to keep renewing your energy and motivation to lose weight.

If you have any suggestions or ways that keep you motivated. Feel free to share it with us. We will update this list for the upcoming new year! Let’ start a revolution!