New Insight on the End of the World Prediction

By RoseAllure Louis
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Dec 20th, 2012

If the world doesn’t end in 2012 according to the Mayans, then we should consider ourselves
survivors. should 2013 be a new beginning for the whole human race? YES!!!

I woke up this morning thinking of my new years resolution for 2013 and I realized I should
be grateful that I can plan for a new year. If the Mayans were correct, then 2012 would have
been my last chance for creating change in my life.

The Insight on the End of the World Prediction


So to all people that resides on this earth!! It’s time to celebrate a new beginning in 2013.
Treat the new year as if you’ve just survived a life or death situation.

Stop with all the wars because neither side would truly be victorious, stop with all the hate
because we all are just misunderstood, stop with all the religious fighting because there can
only be one creator and the rest are just affiliates, stop creating racial barriers because in the
end we are all guaranteed death!!

Celebrate life!! Celebrate our new beginning!! If you believe in the laws of attraction, then Put
more positivity and love in the air and the universe will truly answer.

If you are religious, a christian or whomever you praise then treat others as you want to be treated. Stop judging, stop criticizing. The change begins within you. Give something for others to reflect on not something to frown upon. Give a little love, show a little kindness.

I am not saying we all should live a perfect life, I’m just asking everyone to try and change
their ways for the betterment of all humans.

Keep in mind!! The next end of the world prediction might be the real deal.

Peace and Love to all mankind!!



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