Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

By RoseAllure Louis
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Jun 5th, 2013

Green tea – you have surely heard about it. What is all the hype about? Why are people talking about it so much? What is so good about it? Well, a lot is good about it. In fact, if you start drinking green tea regularly, you will see a splendid improvement in your overall health. Green tea is a cup of great nutrients and benefits that you can shower on your body everyday.


Green tea originated in China and is the product of the extract from the leaves of a plant named Camellia sinensis. The leaves of this plant contain antioxidants called Catechins. These antioxidants can cleanse your insides completely and help you in wonderful ways.


Here are some of the biggest benefits of drinking green tea on a daily basis

Green Tea

Heart Disease


Because of all the stress and poor lifestyle today, heart disease has actually become very common. There are many people across the world, who suffer from heart disease. In order to avoid it or to control it, you should drink green tea. One of the most common heart problems is atherosclerosis. This occurs when fat accumulates on the walls of the arteries. Green tea effectively clears out arteries.




Obesity is a major concern today and many people are struggling to get rid of their extra pounds. Add green tea to your diet and see the difference! Green tea will boost your metabolism naturally and your body will start burning fat efficiently. As a result, your weight will come down!


Green tea will not just help you lose weight, but it will also help you maintain healthy weight.




This is another major problem today. Almost every family has a diabetic member. That is very sad and there is a need to find a preventive measure against diabetes. Studies have proven that green tea is indeed an option.


Also, if you have diabetes and are not obese, you can drink green tea to regulate your blood glucose levels.




Green tea regulates the excretion of LDL cholesterol or bad cholesterol. Also, it ensures that it is not absorbed by the digestive tract. These two functions make sure that the levels of LDL cholesterol are lower.


A study has actually shown that not only does green tea reduce LDL levels; it also increases the HDL cholesterol or good cholesterol levels in the body.


Besides all this, green tea has shown to be helpful against cancer, liver disease, female fertility, and so on.


Go on, sip your way to good health!