Don’t Give Up 3 Feet From Gold… Day 3 Lesson One

By Veronica Adames
In Life Senses
Jan 15th, 2014

Anyone who has read Think and Grow Rich know the story of Mr. Darby who gave up on great wealth that was only a few feet away.

Many of us get to the point where the going gets tough and we throw in the towel without giving it all we’ve got. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Challenge yourself to push passed your boundaries and get uncomfortable with ‘just enough’.

The old saying goes;

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

If you want to be ‘cautious’, by all means, live in your safe zone. No one is here to judge (especially if that’s where you find your happiness, Kudos!).

However, for my thrill seekers searching to experience the most out of life, know that it will not all be pleasant. You will have to get dirtier, work harder, lose more sleep and never take ‘no’ for an answer to squeeze every bit of the remarkable life we live, then YES! you must CHALLENGE yourself to go beyond classic conditioning. You have every tool you need within the confines of your true inner being. I believe in you!!!!

Key Factor:

Warning! You may fail miserably on the path to living the fullest. So what? How else will you learn how to get what you want if it was easy? Your true strength derives from overcoming difficulties. It’s up to you to pass the test for your true desires. Laugh in the face of adversity and push through! I guarantee that regardless the outcome, as a result, you will at the very least have discovered something about yourself that you never knew existed…. And have some war stories to tell your grand children.

Roll up your sleeves and dive in!

But…What if you succeed? Well, there folks, is where you find the hidden treasures of infinite living to it’s fullest. Manifestation of your desires is so powerful. For the love of all that’s amazing, don’t give up on your dreams!

You have nothing to lose, but all to gain!

Love and light! (And a little fire, too!)

Fearlessly yours,